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The Application of Bluetooth Module in the Control of Intelligent Small Home Appliances

In traditional small household appliances, such as soybean milk machine, rice cooker, sweeping robot, etc., we add our low-power Bluetooth control module to upgrade it to a more intelligent small household appliance device. Through mobile phone APP, we can switch on and off small household appliances, make appointments and other controls. We can also perform fault self inspection, firmware upgrade and other functions on small household appliances, bringing you a different experience in life。

function characteristics:
1、Various functions such as appointment and settings for small household appliances can be set through the smartphone app, allowing for more personalized information settings;
2、Effectively improving user experience, with operations not limited to a few buttons and small control panels on the product;
3、Effective self inspection of equipment can be carried out to promptly identify and accurately locate problems, facilitating repair and maintenance;
4、Collect big data such as user usage habits to enable manufacturers to better understand user usage habits and needs;
5、Adopting Nordic Semiconductor's ultra-low power Bluetooth chip, with more stable and reliable performance and lower power consumption;
6、Devices supporting low-power Bluetooth that support Android 4.3 and IOS 6.0 or higher;

Smart household appliances and other products can be made more intelligent by adding BLE modules