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Low power Bluetooth intelligent door lock solution


ntelligent door locks, as an indispensable part of smart homes, are being adopted by more and more businesses and individual users due to their better convenience and safety. Our low-power Bluetooth intelligent door lock solution helps traditional door lock enterprises and empowers traditional door locks. We can provide comprehensive solutions based on intelligent low-power Bluetooth modules, mobile apps, and servers. We can also provide hardware devices for BLE Bluetooth door lock modules. By adding our low-power Bluetooth module to our customers' existing traditional door locks, we can communicate through serial ports, and upgrade the mobile app and server intelligently. This enables the control of door locks through the mobile app without the need for cumbersome door cards and keys, making it more intelligent and convenient, providing users with a better user experience

Function characteristics:

1、Multiple door opening methods. Supports near field Bluetooth unlocking and remote unlocking of mobile phones。

2、Remote key sharing function. Assign temporary keys to visitors, achieving a fixed time and limited number of valid visitor keys。

3、Higher security. All communication data adopts asymmetric encryption algorithms to prevent brute force cracking。

4、Faster response speed and lower power consumption. Fast speed, achieving second level unlocking; Adopting industry ultra-low power wireless communication solutions, with the same battery capacity, longer standby and longer usage time。

5、APP management. Through the APP for information, password, fingerprint and other management functions, the status and switch records of the door lock are clearly visible。

6、Information push. Timely push door opening and alarm information to the user's mobile app。

7、Background management services. Provide efficient and convenient backend management services for commercial use scenarios such as smart apartments and hotels, and achieve online authorization, key distribution, and other functions。


1、Home users: Control and manage through mobile apps to ensure family safety, and connect home locks to other smart devices to achieve intelligent home management。

2、Hotels and apartments: Intelligent management of hotel and apartment door locks can be achieved, and guests can open and close locks through mobile apps to improve their check-in experience。

3、Office space: Set permissions for door locks in different office areas through mobile apps to prevent illegal personnel from entering the office area and improve security。

4、Public places: Access control and security management can be achieved through intelligent door locks, improving security levels, such as schools, hospitals, airports, etc。

5、Logistics warehousing: Secure management of goods entry and exit through intelligent door locks to prevent issues such as loss, theft, and damage。