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Intelligent lighting control solution: creating a new experience of intelligent lighting

With the rapid development of technology, intelligent lighting control systems have become one of the key technologies in the modern lighting industry. The intelligent lighting control solution not only provides more efficient and energy-saving lighting methods, but also brings users a convenient and intelligent lighting experience。

Programme narratives:

Shenzhen Chuanghongxin Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. provides intelligent lighting control solutions, which aim to achieve intelligent management and control of lighting systems. On the basis of existing traditional lighting fixtures, inserting our lighting Mesh low-power module can quickly upgrade existing traditional lighting fixtures. In conjunction with our mobile app and server system, each lamp becomes an intelligent node of the Internet of Things, forming a collection and control network for intelligent IoT devices。 

Function characteristics:

1、Mobile app adjustment control: supports mobile app light on/off control and remote management and control, as well as precise adjustment of light brightness and color temperature to meet different scenarios and user needs. Users can freely adjust the lighting effect according to their preferences and needs, creating an ideal lighting environment。

2、Timing control: With timing function, the lights can be automatically turned on and off according to the user's set schedule. For example, automatically turning on lights during a specific time period to remind users to wake up or enter work mode. This timing control function is not only convenient and practical, but also helps users establish a regular pace of life。

3、Linkage operation: Support linkage with other smart devices, such as smart home systems or security systems. When the smart home system detects a user returning home, the intelligent lighting control scheme can automatically turn on appropriate lighting, providing a welcoming and safe atmosphere. This linkage operation can improve the convenience and comfort of users' lives。

Application Scenario:

1、Home lighting: The intelligent lighting control scheme is suitable for home lighting applications, and can intelligently adjust the brightness and color temperature of lights according to the needs of different regions and scenes. Users can achieve remote control and intelligent management of home lighting systems through smartphone applications or voice assistants。

2、Commercial lighting: Intelligent lighting control solutions also have wide applications in the field of commercial lighting. For example, shopping malls, office buildings, hotels and other places can use this solution to achieve intelligent management of lighting systems. Through flexible dimming and timing control, it is possible to provide appropriate lighting effects according to different business needs and time periods, improving user experience and environmental comfort。

3、Lighting in public places: Intelligent lighting control schemes can also be applied in public places such as schools, hospitals, libraries, etc. By precise lighting regulation and timing control, a safe and comfortable lighting environment can be provided to meet the needs of different groups of people and improve the efficiency of work, study, and leisure。