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Solution for elderly positioning in elderly care institutions

With the increase of the aging population, the demand for elderly care institutions is growing day by day. In order to ensure the safety of the elderly and provide better care services, the elderly positioning solution for elderly care institutions has emerged. This article will introduce the description, functional features, and application scenarios of the solution to help better understand and apply the technology

Programme narratives

The elderly positioning solution for elderly care institutions utilizes advanced positioning technology to achieve precise positioning and monitoring of the elderly by wearing intelligent positioning devices or using devices such as mobile phones. This solution combines positioning technology, network communication, and cloud platform management to provide 24-hour elderly positioning and security monitoring services, providing comprehensive security and care management for elderly care institutions

Function characteristics

1. Real time positioning: This solution can locate the position of the elderly in real time, and provide accurate location information through Bluetooth beacon positioning cards. The staff of elderly care institutions can monitor the position of the elderly in real-time at the monitoring center or mobile phone, and keep track of their movements at any time

2. Security alarm: Once the elderly person leaves the designated safe area or an unexpected situation occurs, the solution will automatically trigger the alarm. The staff will immediately receive notification and be able to take corresponding measures in a timely manner to ensure the safety of the elderly 

3. Health monitoring: In addition to positioning function, this solution can also be combined with health monitoring equipment to monitor the vital signs and health status of the elderly in real-time. For example, data such as heart rate and blood pressure can be collected through sensors and uploaded to the cloud platform for medical staff to analyze and process

4. Historical trajectory playback: The solution can also record and store the historical trajectory of the elderly, and provide playback and analysis for the staff of elderly care institutions. This helps to understand the activity habits, behavioral changes, and daily needs of the elderly, providing a reference basis for providing personalized care services

Application Scenario

1. Nursing home: In nursing homes, the elderly positioning solution can achieve precise positioning and safe monitoring of the elderly. Staff can promptly detect abnormal movements or emergency situations of the elderly, and provide timely assistance and care

2. Community elderly care services: For elderly people who live at home, this solution can provide support for community elderly care services. Elderly people can wear positioning devices, and community workers can track their location at any time to ensure their safety. At the same time, positioning data can also be combined with community medical services to provide emergency rescue and health monitoring

3. Care for the elderly with cognitive impairment: For the elderly with cognitive impairment, the elderly positioning solution in elderly care institutions can provide stronger care and care. Through real-time positioning and security alerts, staff can quickly respond to the needs of the elderly and prevent them from getting lost or accidents

4. Rehabilitation Center: In rehabilitation centers, solutions can help rehabilitation patients regain independence and confidence. Through the positioning function, rehabilitation personnel can track the patient's activity and provide personalized rehabilitation guidance and monitoring based on the positioning data