BLE High Performance Multi-mode Keyboard

2020-11-16 14:13 Read:

Scheme Description:
Using the BLE 5.0 technology, it supports three modes of interface: wired, private 2.4G , and BLE . To various devices that support or do not support wireless keyboards. The latest low-latency technology that we use can achieve fast connection with the host, fast response, ultra-low power consumption, and can be used as a wireless keyboard for tablet computers such as ipad in office scenarios; We can also  achieve high-performance as a professional game keyboards. 

1. Support wired, private 2.4G , BLE modes
2. Support touch_pad control
3. In the BLE mode, it supports the connection with multiple host devices and supports the automatic connection back function
4. Fast response, ultra-low power consumption
5. Support button customization
6. Cool backlight

1. Tablet keyboard
2. Gaming keyboard

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