Intelligent Atmosphere Lamp

2020-11-16 14:53 Read:

Scheme Description:
Combining full color temperature and full color gamut LED lighting and Multi-Protolol 5.0 technology to create a new intelligent lighting solution ,that can realize intelligent control of bulb lights through smart phones, and realize the adjustment of color, brightness, cooling and heating functions, It can be operated by one key remotely or restored to white color by one key. It can adapt to various application scenarios in work and home anytime and anywhere. It can also be controlled regularly and set the time to switch the lights in advance to make your home more colorfull and temperature.

1. Support the smart phones to realize remote control of lamps and lanterns
2. Support the memory function of multiple color modes, one key to achieve the effect that the user wants
3. Support scene preset function, automatically adjust to the lighting effect with a setting time and environment

1. Home lighting
2. Restaurant lighting
3. Office lighting on the desk

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