Digital Walkie Talkie Applications  

Scheme Description: The needs of calling in short and medium distances, we provide license-free digital voice intercom solutions. To achieve mutil communication between many users within a certain range, many channels are optional, and the surroundin...

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Intelligent pen scheme  

Scheme Description: The solutions we developed for different needs and application scenarios of the education industry can meet the higher needs of education users for the collection and analysis of teaching content in the era of artificial...

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Intelligent door lock scheme  

Scheme Description: Our smart door lock solution provides traditional door lock manufacturers with a comprehensive solution based on Intelligent Low Power Bluetooth module, mobile app and server. The customer's existing door lock scheme communicates w...

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Electronic cigarette scheme  

Scheme Description: It provides intelligent solutions for traditional e-cigarette customers. On the basis of traditional e-cigarette, it replaces the original MCU through the access of intelligent low-power Bluetooth SOC, and realizes the i...

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Smart home mesh networking scheme  

Scheme Description: Provide smart home mesh networking solution, provide intelligent solutions for traditional smart home product manufacturers, realize the interconnection between various single products, support the access of smart speake...

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Intelligent Atmosphere Lamp  

Scheme Description: combining full color temperature and full color gamut LED lighting and BLE 5.0 technology to create a new intelligent lighting solution ,that can realize intelligent control of bulb lights through smart phones, and realize the adju...

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