High Accuracy Personnel and Asset Positioning System  

UWB positioning can achieve high-precision positioning, but UWB has high power consumption during actual use, single chip supply (so far only a small chip company in Ireland supports it), and high price; Lanke Xuntong high-precision positio...

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Indoor Navigation Application  

Most of the existing LBS services are based on outdoor environments. As people's production and life in modern society are increasingly concentrated in indoor environments, location information services based on indoor positioning have huge...

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Smart Meter  

Driven by the awareness of green energy saving, smart grid has become a focus area for the development of countries all over the world. Traditional power grid is a rigid system, the service to customers is simple and one-way information. Th...

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Equipment Capital Assets Positioning / Status Monitoring System  

Traditional asset management usually relies on non-automated paper document-based systems to record and track incoming and outgoing assets Management efficiency is extremely low Asset data entry speed is slow and accuracy is low Unable to f...

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Smart Hospital / Senior Care  

Safety is an extremely important part of pension institutions. There are frequent disputes and compensations caused by the elderly falling and missing; How to achieve scientific management, improve the life safety and comfort of the elderly...

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Smart Campus  

From multimedia classrooms to learning pads to WeChat open classes... Technology continues to serve the education industry; The Internet of Things has become an inevitable trend in campus; At present, primary and secondary school students g...

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