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We are a technology company focused on Intelligent Internet of things solutions. Here is a group of young people who have dreams and love to create. We are committed to changing our life through scientific and technological innovation, providing intelligent solutions for more industry customers and providing more convenient lifestyle for more family users.

The company's products mainly focus on low-power wireless communication technologies such as low-power Bluetooth, nb-iot and mesh, involving embedded software and hardware, app, applet and server development, providing customers with one-stop solution development services and products. The company has many years of experience in the development of Internet of things equipment and systems, and its partners include ZTE, Huawei, Kohler and many other well-known enterprises. They provide intelligent upgrading solutions for their products and provide better user experience. The intelligent mesh lighting system we have developed has been successfully applied to the products of many well-known lighting enterprises at home and abroad, so that more traditional lighting lamps and lanterns can be upgraded to intelligent Internet of things nodes.

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Corporate culture

  • Enterprise vision
    Become a world-class technology and service IOT program supplier
  • Core value
    Innovation, excellence and practical sharing
  • Corporate responsibility
    Responsible for the society, creating value for customers and creating happiness for employees
  • Environmental Safety and Health Policy
    Safety, compliance, environmental protection and sustainability


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  • Email:info@abluetech.com
  • Add:Shekou Wanggu, #1031 Nanhai Avenue, Nanshan District, Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province, China

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