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Smart Grid Solutions

With the promotion of green and energy-saving awareness, smart grids have become a key area of development for countries around the world. Traditional power grids face problems such as simple services, one-way information transmission, and information silos. To this end, we have developed a smart grid solution that adopts the latest grid standards and is mainly applied in the fields of intelligent meter reading, meter management, and intelligent meter calibration. This provides important support for the current power Internet of Things, greatly improving the efficiency of meter production, and solving problems such as lightning strikes, aging, and wire detachment in meter use, achieving intelligent management of grid data collection。

Functional characteristics:

1、Intelligent meter reading: achieve automatic collection of electricity meter data, reduce manual intervention, and improve meter reading efficiency。

2、Intelligent management and configuration of electrical cabinets: Remote management and configuration of electrical cabinets through intelligent control systems to improve the reliability and flexibility of the power grid。

3、Automatic data collection and control between electricity meters, collectors, and circuit breakers: to achieve automatic data collection and control between electricity meters and other equipment, and improve the automation level of the power grid。

4、Intelligent calibration of production lines: replacing traditional and cumbersome manual calibration, calibrating production lines through intelligent methods to improve calibration efficiency。

Application Scenario:

1、Intelligent upgrade of traditional electricity meter equipment: Provide intelligent transformation solutions for existing traditional electricity meter equipment, enabling it to have data collection and remote management functions。

2、Intelligent management of the power grid: Real time monitoring, fault diagnosis, and optimized management of the power grid are achieved through smart grid solutions, improving the operational efficiency and reliability of the power grid。

3、Production line meter calibration: Applying intelligent meter calibration technology to replace traditional manual meter calibration methods, improving meter calibration efficiency and accuracy。

4、Intelligent charging station management: By utilizing intelligent technology to manage and control charging stations, remote monitoring, billing, and maintenance of charging stations can be achieved, improving the convenience and efficiency of their use。