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Intelligent Warehouse Management Solution

In the field of warehouse management today, the application of wireless communication technology has become an ideal solution to solve the problem of inventory management. Our R&D team has successfully developed a solution called "Intelligent Warehouse Management Device and System" through repeated practice and application to address various challenges in enterprise warehouse and workshop material management。

This solution has many advantages, mainly focusing on accurate management of item entry and exit time and location information. By sending signals through Bluetooth beacons, the locator can accurately receive and control the power and speed of the tag transmission signal, thereby accurately determining the position of the tag. After the locator completes accurate positioning, it sends the relevant information to the reader/writer. The reader uses probability distribution statistics to ultimately determine the specific shelf location where the label is located, and stores this information in the system。

This solution adopts a low-frequency wake-up system. When an item enters the incentive area, the item with a wireless communication module will wake up the management system and report the item information. At other times, the system maintains an extremely low power consumption state, greatly saving energy and avoiding long-term battery depletion. By utilizing wireless communication modules, the host can simultaneously read the information of hundreds of items within a certain range and upload it in real-time to the backend system, greatly improving production efficiency and ensuring data accuracy, avoiding omissions. The reported item information not only includes basic information, but also includes the storage location and storage time of the item, making it convenient for backend personnel to timely understand the status of inbound and outbound, and facilitate tracking and statistics. At the same time, when incomplete or incorrect information occurs, the backend system can write label data in real-time, greatly facilitating the management of inbound and outbound operations。

Overall system design framework:

1、Real time accurate positioning system;

2、Automatic management system for item entry and exit;

3、System management platform;

System advantages:

1、Ultra low power consumption, standby power consumption is microampere level, effectively extending battery life。

2、The use of wireless communication modules improves inventory efficiency, with more data read at once and more accurate information statistics。

3、Timely reporting of inbound and outbound information of items, traceability of data, effective control, and avoidance of loss and loss。

4、Automated management mode, achieving remote control of inbound and outbound management, fully saving human resources and production costs。 

Application Scenario:

1、Warehouse management upgrade: This solution can be used for the intelligent upgrade of traditional warehouse facilities, improving the efficiency and accuracy of warehouse management. Through real-time accurate positioning and automatic registration functions, it is easy to track the location and status of items, reducing manual operations and errors。

2、Logistics industry: Intelligent warehouse management solutions are particularly beneficial for the logistics industry. The logistics center and distribution center can use this system to accurately manage the entry and exit of goods, improve transportation efficiency and accuracy, and reduce the risk of loss or confusion of goods。

3、E-commerce warehousing: With the vigorous development of e-commerce, warehousing management has become an important part of e-commerce enterprises. Intelligent warehouse management solutions can help e-commerce enterprises achieve fast and accurate order processing, inventory management, and cargo tracking, improving order fulfillment rate and customer satisfaction。

4、Manufacturing: In the field of manufacturing, intelligent warehouse management solutions can be applied to the management of raw materials and components. Through real-time accurate positioning and automatic registration functions, the position, quantity, and status of each item can be accurately grasped, improving the efficiency and management accuracy of the production line。