Equipment Capital Assets Positioning / Status Monitoring System

2020-11-17 11:01 Read:

 Traditional asset management usually relies on non-automated paper document-based systems to record and track incoming and outgoing assets

Management efficiency is extremely low
Asset data entry speed is slow and accuracy is low
Unable to fully grasp the accurate quantity, status, and real-time location of equipment in a timely manner
Shenzhen Lanke Xuntong has developed an intelligent asset management system, which affixes electronic asset tags to existing assets; realizes real-time positioning, automatic inventory, disassembly alarm and other functions.
System functions:
1. Quickly find equipment function:
The device information can be used to quickly locate the location and condition of the device in real time.
2. Location map function:
The map can display asset status in real time;
3. Management functions such as equipment statistics and inventory:
Real-time online statistics of equipment on-off status, utilization status, automatic inventory.
4. Anti-theft alarm function:
When the device is moved or enters an unauthorized area, the system will automatically alarm.
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