High Accuracy Personnel and Asset Positioning System

2020-11-17 11:52 Read:

 UWB positioning can achieve high-precision positioning, but UWB has high power consumption during actual use, single chip supply (so far only a small chip company in Ireland supports it), and high price;

  Lanke Xuntong high-precision positioning system adopts self-developed, world-leading low-power Bluetooth AoA (angle of arrival) technology, combined with high-precision positioning array antennas and high-precision adaptive algorithms, positioning base stations can accurately collect real-time positioning beacons Position, improve positioning accuracy to centimeter level;
★The main composition of the system:
●Positioning platform system:
  By obtaining the data solved by the positioning engine, real-time display of location information such as personnel, assets, and location big data statistical analysis applications.
●Location Engine Service:
  The high-precision adaptive positioning engine algorithm calculates the beacon signal and obtains real-time accurate location information of personnel;
●Locating base station:
  Installed on site, based on 2.4GHz AoA (angle of arrival) positioning technology to receive positioning beacon signals.
●Location beacon:
  It is worn on personnel or fixed on assets and transmits positioning information.
Network Diagram:
The main function:
Real-time location positioning
Historical track query
Standstill/Stuck Alarm
Standard work path
Custom electronic fence
Overcrowded/missing abnormal alarm
One-key alarm for emergency exception
Video linkage
Data report statistics
Automatic attendance assessment
Work efficiency statistics
Rich system interface
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