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2020-11-17 11:54 Read:

 Safety is an extremely important part of pension institutions. There are frequent disputes and compensations caused by the elderly falling and missing;

How to achieve scientific management, improve the life safety and comfort of the elderly, and how to improve the work efficiency of elderly care institutions and reduce management costs have become the focus of current elderly care institutions;
Shenzhen Lanke Xuntong elderly positioning solution focuses on the personal safety of the elderly. Through the construction of positioning, calling, sensing, video and other systems, it creates a smart elderly security protection cloud platform to provide escort for the personal safety of the elderly;
System functions:
1. Real-time positioning function for the elderly:
Enter the name of the elderly to view their location in real time
2. The function of querying the history of the elderly:
Can view the history of the elderly, convenient for children;
3. Emergency help function for the elderly:
The elderly can realize one-key call through the bracelet;
4. Elderly anti-lost function:
When the elderly leave the nursing home, the system will alarm in real time.
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