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2020-11-17 11:19 Read:

 From multimedia classrooms to learning pads to WeChat open classes... Technology continues to serve the education industry;

The Internet of Things has become an inevitable trend in campus;
At present, primary and secondary school students generally suffer from physical decline and excessive weight;
Shenzhen Lanke Xuntong develops real-time monitoring of students' exercise and health status through IoT devices such as smart Bluetooth bracelets and Bluetooth gateways.
System functions:
   Exercise monitoring:
Monitor students' exercise data such as skipping, walking, and running.
   Health management:
Monitor students' health data such as heart rate, calories and sleep;
   Sign in and attendance:
The system automatically checks attendance after students arrive in the classroom.
   Integrated card:
The bracelet can be integrated with a one-card, integrated with the school's existing book borrowing, meal card, etc.
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