Intelligent warehouse management

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   Wireless communication technology is a good solution to the management of goods in and out of storage, it can solve the problem of material management difficulties. After a lot of practice and testing, we developed the "intelligent warehouse management device and system", which brings a lot of advantages for the management of goods in and out of the time and location information. In addition to being able to locate the position of goods in real time, it can also automatically complete the registration of goods in and out of the warehouse.

     The tag sends signals for the locator to receive, and the locator controls the power and speed of the signal transmitted by the tag to obtain the accurate position. After the locator gets an accurate location, it sends the information to the reader. The reader uses probability distribution statistics to finally determine the shelf where the tag is and store it in the system.

      By using the low-frequency wake-up system the management system can only be awakened when the items with wireless communication module enter the excitation area, then it will report the information of the items. It is usually stay in the state of extremely low power consumption, which can saves power and avoids the situation where the battery is exhausted due to long-term storage. With the application of wireless communication module, the host machine can read the information of hundreds of items at a time within a certain range and upload the data to the background server in real time, which greatly improves the production efficiency and has high accuracy without omission. In addition to the general basic information, the item information reported can also includes the location and storage time of the item, it is convenient for people to know the situation in time. And when the information is incomplete or error, it can also write the tag data in real time through the remote server operation.

Overall system design:

1. Real-time and accurate positioning system;
2. Automatic management system of goods in and out;
3. System management platform;
System advantages:
1. Ultra-low power consumption, uA standby current, can effectively extend the battery life.
2. Use wireless communication module to improve inventory counting efficiency, read more data at one time and make information statistics more accurate.
3. Timely reporting of goods in and out of storage, data traceability and effective control to avoid loss.
4. Automatic management mode is adopted to realize remote control goods in and out, saving human resources and production costs.
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