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     Driven by the awareness of green energy saving, smart meter has become a focus area for the development of countries all over the world. Traditional power meter is a rigid system, the service to customers is simple and one-way information. There are multiple information silos within the system and there is a lack of information sharing. Based on the fusion of semiconductor technology and power technology, it enhances the flexibility and reliability of the power meter , and is an advanced control and regulation means of smart meter.
     Our smart meter solutions, keeping up with the latest grid standards, are mainly used in smart meter reading, meter management and other fields, providing important support for the Power IoT, greatly improving the calibration efficiency of meter production. Help solve the problem of lightning strike, aging and wiring loss in the process of electric meter use, and realize the intelligent management of power meter data collection.


1.  intelligent meter reading
2.  intelligent management and configuration of the electric cabinet
3.  the electricity meter and the collector, circuit breaker between the automatic acquisition control
4.  intelligent calibration during the meter production process, instead of the traditional manual operation, faster and more effective.


Application Scenario:
1. the intelligent upgrade of traditional meter equipment
2. intelligent management of the power meter
3. calibration meters in the production
4. intelligent charging equipment


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