IoT Condition Monitoring and Predictive Maintenance

2020-11-13 09:50 Read:
    The running of large-scale machinery and equipment is monitored, the vibration, sound, light and electricity parameters under the running state are monitored. Combined with the detected data, the operation Condition of the equipment is analyzed, and the predictive maintenance guidance is provided, to avoid the sudden damage and shutdown of the equipment. So that to avoid the loss of economic benefits.
1. Support the operation parameter detection function under the equipment running state
2. The operation status data of large machines and equipment is transmitted to the cloud server through our intelligent         gateway
3.The server analyzes the equipment running state data, compares and judges with the conventional data, and output the analysis result of the running equipment
4. In view of possible abnormal operation, early warning is carried out to realize predictive maintenance in advance
1. Predictive diagnosis and maintenance of assembly line workshop equipment
2. Predictive diagnosis and maintenance of large industrial equipment operation
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