Intelligent pen scheme

2020-10-04 19:02 Read:
Scheme Description:
The solutions we developed for different needs and application scenarios of the education industry can meet the higher needs of education users for the collection and analysis of teaching content in the era of artificial intelligence. It can upload the writing data to the mobile app and cloud in real time, and archive and manage the written data timely and effectively. For business office occasions, it greatly improves our work efficiency For the application scenarios in the education industry, it is convenient for teachers to view students' writing, answering questions and other learning situations in real time, so as to improve teaching results.
1. Upload the writing data to the mobile app for handwriting display in real time
2. It supports remote viewing of pen writing on the server
3. Support to view historical writing data
4. Support firmware upgrade and update new functions of pen through mobile app
1. Education system
2. Banking system
3. Other personal and business occasions
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