Bluetooth Beacon xBeacon-U1

Product function

It can transmit bluetooth signal, that which can be used in indoor positioning and so on, or serve ads to users.

Product features

  • Can be used with USB adapter for power supply;
  • The communication distance in the open area is about 30m;
  • With breathing light, keep track of working status;
  • Super small mini appearance

Technical parametertechnical parameter


Power supply Battery capacity Wireless distance Usage time Support devices Texture of material Waterproof grade Installation method Working Temperature Size Weight
5V No 3-30m (The distance is affected by the environment, and the environmental distance is different) Long i0S7.0+/Android4.3+ (Bluetooth hardware must be 4.0) Plastic ABS + PC IP31 Wearable -40° -+80 30*20mm 40g



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Apple ibeacon MFI certification, BQB, FCC.CE The certification is approved by the Ministry of industry and information technology of the people's Republic of China to ensure the legal and safe use of public places.


Link encryption can not only prevent malicious attacks and tampering, but also support administrators to change product configuration at any time.


More than ten years of professional RF communication software and hardware development experience, signal stability, product performance assurance.

Configuration and tools

UUID, major, minor, MAC address, device name, etc. support factory customization. Beacon can be customized and encrypted. Configuration tools and SDK are provided.

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