Smart wristband

Product function

The colorful PMOLED display screen’s size is 0.96-inch. It can display 32 Chinese characters on a single screen. The touch screen design is fully integrated, and the sensitivityis high. The touch screen can realize various operations.

Product features

  • Motion tracking
  • Calorie consumption can be measured based on collected data (such as steps, distance, speed, time, etc.) to control motion, and it can be used as a tool to avoid under or excessive exercise.
  • Sleep monitor
  • Start sleep mode: The smart wristband will distinguish whether the wearer sleeps or rest from 20:00 to 08:00 every day. If the wearer sleeps, the wristband will automatically start the sleep monitoring mode.
  • Exit sleep mode: When the wearer wakes up and moves for about 4 minutes, the wristband will automatically exit sleep monitoring mode and calculate sleep data.
  • Dynamic heart rate detection
  • Accurately measure your heart rate whether you are resting or exercising.

Technical parametertechnical parameter


Power supply Battery capacity Resolution Standby time Powerfull work time Texture of material Waterproof grade Antenna Step Senser Size Weight
5V 90mAH 128*64 21 days 10~15days TPU IP67 FPC or Ceramic PixArt 40*19.5*10 22g

Apple ibeacon MFI certification, BQB, FCC.CE The certification is approved by the Ministry of industry and information technology of the people's Republic of China to ensure thelegal and safe use of public places.


Link encryption can not only prevent malicious attacks and tampering, but also support administrators to change product configuration at any time.


More than ten years of professional RF communication software and hardware development experience, signal stability, product performance assurance.

Configuration and tools

UUID, major, minor, MAC address, device name, etc. support factory customization. Beacon can be customized and encrypted. Configuration tools and SDK are provided.

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