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A high-precision positioning solution based on low-power Bluetooth: achieving precise positioning and navigation

programme narratives:

In modern society, the demand for precise positioning and navigation is increasing. UWB positioning can achieve high-precision positioning, but in practical use, UWB has problems such as high power consumption, single chip supply, and high price. Therefore, high-precision positioning solutions based on low-power Bluetooth have emerged。

The Abluetech Technology high-precision positioning system adopts self-developed and globally leading low-power Bluetooth AoA (Angle of Arrival) technology, combined with high-precision positioning array antennas and high-precision adaptive algorithms. The positioning base station can accurately collect the real-time position of the positioning beacon, improving the positioning accuracy to the centimeter level;

System composition:

1、Positioning platform system:

  By obtaining the data calculated by the positioning engine, real-time display of personnel, assets, and other location information, as well as location big data statistical analysis applications。

2、Location Engine Services:

  High precision adaptive positioning engine algorithm calculates beacon signals to obtain real-time and accurate position information of personnel;

3、Positioning base station:

  Installed on site, based on 2.4GHz AoA (angle of arrival) positioning technology, receiving positioning beacon signals。

4、Positioning beacon:

  Wearing on personnel or fixed to asset items, transmitting positioning information。

Network diagram:

Major function:

Specification: 实时位置定位

           Historical trajectory query

           Static/stuck alarm

           Standardize job paths

Secure:    Custom electronic fence 

         Overload/shortage abnormal alarm

         Emergency abnormal one click alarm 

         Video linkage

Efficiency: Data report statistics

         Automatic attendance assessment

         Work efficiency statistics

         Rich system interfaces